Bentley Continental GTC

The ultimate grand tourer with a sporting focus. When you initially put your foot down, you can anticipate a burst of what seems like endless acceleration; this unrelenting wave of force can carry you up to 208 mph (335 km/h).

But style is just as important as substance. Because of this, the Bentley Continental GTC has a distinctive look that is centred on the intelligent use of light, technological materials and has a deeper, more purposeful edge. This vehicle will thrill you in many ways because to its unrivalled combination of luxury and terrifying performance.

Performance Statistics

This four-seater Bentley’s performance is simply astounding, earning this one of the most ferocious factory Bentleys ever built. It can speed you from a stop to 60 mph  in only 3.6 seconds thanks to its 650 horsepower as well as 900 Nm (664 lb-ft) of pure power.

By default, power is sent mostly to the rear wheels, but the Dynamic All-Wheel Drive system regularly checks on traction. You can easily pass on the highway with all-wheel steering, which also reduces body roll. It improves the car’s mobility on city streets by reducing the turning radius at low speeds.

Bentley GTC Stylish Look

There is no other automobile that resembles the Bentley GTC. The Bentley-branded gloss, mirror-matched weave carbon fibre body kit is an addition made possible by the Styling Specification. Incomparable presence is provided by beautiful 22″ wheels, “Speed” badging, black exterior details, shaded front and rear lighting, and tinted front and back lamps.

On the treadplates as well as the dash inside, the word “Speed” is inscribed. The leather chairs have a distinctive colour divide and diamond quilting pattern, and they each have personalised ‘Speed’ stitching. The sports-inspired design of the automobile is evident in every element, from the digital instrument panel’s graphics to the pedals at your feet.

Bentley GTC Hire

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