Bugatti Chiron

In BUGATTI’s long history, only the CHIRON has been a production super sports car with such power, speed, and exclusivity. A truly brilliant work of art, form, and technique, The Bugatti Chiron challenges expectations in every way, thanks to its luxury design, high-tech technology, and iconic, performance oriented form.

It automatically fuses its captivating beauty with sleek, muscular efficiency for a level of performance unmatched by any vehicle of its size; a breath taking reinterpretation of the BUGATTI design.

Engine Statistics

The CHIRON’s engine has a quad-turbocharged, 8 L W16 engine. With almost linear power between 2,000 and 6,000 rpm, this masterpiece generates 1,500 horsepower and 1,600 Nm of torque. Two stage turbochargers and four high-performance turbochargers set this vehicle apart from others in our supercar hire range. A mind-boggling 60,000 litres of air flows through the engine every minute. 

In addition to simultaneously cooling the engine and generating extraordinary power, 800 litres of water circulates through the CHIRON’s engine. New titanium exhaust systems are expected to boost this performance even more by reducing gas backpressure. Weight-saving materials such as titanium and carbon fibre were also used wherever possible on the CHIRON’s engine.


From the finest, handpicked leather to precious metals, there is a wide range of colour and material options available. Every CHIRON is uniquely characterized by its engravings and embroidery, which add the finishing touch.

The CHIRON also delivers on functionality, including a range of features, without compromising on the beauty that the Bugatti family are known for. These versatile features include interior LED illumination that highlights the distinctive and sleek C-line form that separates the two seats. Plus, the cockpit has been redesigned to maximise utility, with all needed information easily accessible and from the field of vision within the driver’s seat.

From a mechanical speedometer that proudly displays the magic 500 km/h mark within clear view, to independently adjustable displays on each unit of the central console that is made from a single piece of aluminium in a stroke of design and engineering genius, the CHIRON has everything you need to pilot such a powerful machine right at your fingertips. 

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