Hire The Nissan GTR

The brief

The Nissan GTR can trace its heritage back to 1969. Built for the track, Nissan was soon making a limited number of production cars and a motoring icon was quietly developing a reputation within the serious motoring community. In 1974 Nissan ceased production of the GTR, only for it to make a comeback in 1989 and truly take the motoring world by storm. Making appearances in video games like Gran Turismo and Need for Speed as well as 6 of the Need for Speed movies, the GTR has developed a reputation for power, control and precision driving. Nicknamed “Godzilla” the GTR is a driver’s car in the truest sense..

This is a must drive car and a must hire for any Alpha Drive customer


  • 4 Seats
  • Air Conditioning
  • Automatic
  • Sat Nav

The specs

0 -
2.9 secs
Top Speed