Alpha Drive are Still Open for Luxury Car Hire

Alpha Drive Supercar Hire are still offering our fleet of luxury cars to be hired out at very competitive prices.

We have taken appropriate safety measures to ensure we are COVID-19 compliant, ensuring all our vehicles are deep cleaned and sanitised heavily before and after use, and we also give out an essential pack in all our vehicles for your peace of mind. Book your luxury vehicle and drive away today!

We have many luxury car hire options to choose, from Ferrari and Lamborghini to Rolls Royce and Mercedes. Your decision will be a difficult one to choose between them all! Hiring a luxury car gives anyone the chance to drive a high-end vehicle they otherwise wouldn’t. Whether it’s a special event or just for fun, we have a car to get you excited!

Each car has its own characteristics and unique design which offers a different experience based on what you pick. We offer big Rolls Royce to cruise around in, as well as Ferraris offering a sportier ride due to being smaller and lighter. Whatever your dream car is, let us make you driving it into a reality!

Rolls Royce Cullinan Blue

Why hire a luxury car?

Hiring a luxury car means you have a large choice of expensive supercars. We offer packages to suit you, short to long term hire options to mean that no matter what the occasion, time or reason we are sure to have a car that meets your diary and budget.

You have the option to rent a luxury car for a weekend and return it with no commitment. It is a great ‘try before you buy’ option for different models at competitive pricing. We have a keen eye for detail, so make sure all our vehicles remain in perfect, new condition. See our fleet of supercars here, we are adding the latest models all the time.