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Film Production Supercar Hire

Not every production has the budget brand and reach in to motor manufacturers that a Bond movie can boast. If your film, TV or video shoot requires a car or two and Aston Martin aren't prepared to donate a few, then Alpha Drive Supercar Hire can help. We have rented our cars to a range of TV, film and event companies and for a range of different uses. From stationary displays to rolling scenes and shots, our vehicles are available for hire periods that match your schedule and at prices that match your production budget.

Choose from any of the vehicles in our range of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Range Rover, Bentley, Mercedes and more.

Our extensive range of cars are sure to the stars or your next TV production, without the diva demands, need for the exclusive use of a dressing room or questions to the director. They won't even demand to come to the premiere.

Give us a call on 01922 634097 or email to find out more about our production hire capabilities.

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